Optics Packaging

Optics Packaging

It’s time to implement new optics packaging.

Let us help design and produce a safe & secure package for
any size optic you sell.

For over 30 years we have helped optic manufacturers worldwide design the best optics packaging for their shipping, storage and in house use. We can create a
package to hold your optics horizontally or vertically and you can always rest assured they will protect and display your product until it reaches its destination. Our optics packaging can be created for single cavities up to hundreds of cavities to best suit your needs. All of our packaging holds optics only on a chamfered edge to protect parts from damage occurring. All styles can be designed with finger slot access and can be created to be stackable for maximum shelf space and efficiency.

  • Clamshell style – a thin guage single piece package that includes a “living hinge” that folds in half and is kept closed using interlocking tabs or snaps. Good for
    smaller optics and single use shipments.
  • Slip fit style – a thin to medium gauge two piece package that has a friction fit. Good for small to medium optics. Ideal for individual optic shipment/storage.
    Can be re-useable for certain applications and can be stackable.
  • Tray & lid style – a thin, medium or thick gauge two piece package that has a slightly looser lid. Great for small, medium and large optics. Ideal for tens to
    hundreds of optics for in house use and shipping purposes. Can be re-useable for certain applications.
  • Tray only – a thin, medium or thick guage single piece package commonly used for in process or storage use. Ideal for single cavities or multi-cavities. Can be
    designed to fit two trays face to face inside of hinged jewel boxes (ask for details).
  • Insert only–a thin to medium gauge single piece package specifically designed for shipping in hinged jewel boxes or to be used for in house use. Ideal for single
    cavities or multi-cavities. Clean room foam or other substrates can be used on top of inserts to take up the dead space inside of hinged jewel boxes. This also
    allows for one insert to accommodate varying thicknesses of optics. Please click on our optic lens insert tab to explore our off the shelf options.

We highly recommend using PETG for all optics packaging. PETG is a copolyester, which is a clear, amorphous polymer, glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is extremely tough, chemical resistant, has little (if any) outgassing and is recyclable. It has a density of 1.27g/cm3 with a maximum service temperature of about 172 deg F.

Does your facility have a class 1000 cleanroom? We can wipe PETG parts clean with high purity isopropyl alcohol and double bag for shipment.
Have any other special requirements? We are here to help and want to earn your business.